Sublimation Transfer Printing Services

Are you an artisan or crafter and want to add dye sublimated products to your line and increase profitability? But the start-up costs are too high and the time investment into the ink/printer learning curve too daunting?  I can help!  Let me print all of your designs for you.

It's a quick and easy process. You design. I print. You press!

No minimum order quantities. I can print as much or as little as you need!

All transfers are printed with professional grade dye sublimation inks on specialty dye sub papers that are known for their excellent image definition and color fidelity. They work great for all types of sublimation-ready substrates from fabrics and apparel to ceramics, metals, glass, and wood.

Super-fast turnaround times. Your transfers will ship out within 72 hours.

Pricing is based per-page printed. I currently offer printing on 8.5"x11" (Standard) and 9"x4" (Mug Wrap) sheets. Plus we do not charge extra for multi-image pages. You can prepare your files to print as many images on each page as you wish. (Need help preparing your print files for multi-image printing? I can help with that for a small fee. Go to xxxxx to add Imaging Assistance service to your order.)

Accepted file formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

Color Format: RGB

File Quality: 200-300 dpi

Mirroring: Do not mirror your images before sending. I will mirror your designs. If you are pressing onto items that do not require mirroring please mention that when you email me your image files.

 You may email your hi-resolution files to


--All transfers must be used on sublimation-ready items. Not all mugs, shirts, fabrics, wood, tiles, etc., on the market are able to be used for sublimation. Make sure the items you intend to use have been specially coated for dye sublimation.

--Fabrics that have a 50% or higher polyester fiber content or higher are usable for sublimation, with a 100% polyester fiber content being the most ideal for the best image transfer results. Natural fabrics such as 100% cotton will not sublimate.

--Dye Sublimation cannot print White ink. Any white spaces in your digital image will come out as transparent (no ink) on your transfers.

-A heat press or mug press is required to press your images. An iron will not work at all for sublimation. 

-If this is your first time purchasing dye sublimation transfers I recommend ordering in smaller quantities, and ordering a few extra images than you need to complete the job you are working on. There is a slight learning curve with pressing dye sublimation images so you will want to do some testing and tweaking of your pressure levels, time, and temperature on your heat press to maximize your pressing results. Once you have things right, then I recommend coming back to order in larger quantities. 

-Please ensure you are sending high quality images to ensure quality transfers. If your images are low quality (below 100dpi) your transfers may be grainy or pixellated. If you are unsure of your file's resolution click the Message Us button below to send me the image for review before purchase.

--All transfer orders are final once your order is submitted.