Custom Engraved Lake Name Olive Wood Serving Spoon & Towel Set - Personalized Housewarming Gift

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Introducing your new favorite kitchen addition: the Custom-Lake-Name Engraved Olive Wood Spoon and Towel set! This isn't just your average kitchenware - it's a piece of home. Beautifully engraved with your beloved lake, beach, or river name, it's made to bring memories straight into your kitchen. It's a gift that resonates with both men and women, perfect for housewarming or as a lovely hostess present. Imagine commemorating a special time with this personalized kitchen set, made to fit right into your lake house, beach house, or even your cozy little kitchen in the suburbs.

Here's what makes this spoon and towel set a cut above the rest:

- This custom engraved spoon, carved from Mediterranean olive wood, brings a touch of nature to your kitchen.

- The natural (undyed) plain-woven 100% cotton towel, sized at 18" x 28", is a perfect pairing with the 12" x 2.5" spoon.

- We personalize the spoon with the name of your favorite location, recommended to be kept to a maximum of 30 characters, resulting in the perfect memento.

- The wooden spoon and off-white color for the towel, are both elegant and practical, sure to complement any kitchen decor.

- This set comes beautifully tied with a choice of grosgrain ribbon color, a gift ready to give.


Buying this engraved olive wood spoon and towel set means more than just owning quality kitchenware. It's a vessel for memories, the perfect item to bring back good memories every time you stir a pot or wipe a dish. No matter how far you are, this set brings you closer to the places you hold dear. It's the ideal present, great for Christmas, housewarmings, or as a hostess gift. So go ahead, stir up some nostalgia with our Custom-Lake-Name Engraved Olive Wood Spoon and Towel set.

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