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Hi, everyone! My name is Amanda Lillie and I’m the owner and designer here at The Lillie Pad. Here you can find delightful crochet treasures—from my original designed 80s inspired crochet Cabbage Patch hat to ladies winter accessories. I have also recently launched collections of personalized gifts, toddler tees, and customized home accents.

Amanda Lillie - Owner and Designer of The Lillie Pad

The Lillie Pad is based in North Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I’m an 8th generation Georgia native and a 4th generation crocheter in my family. In fact, I crochet my products using the crochet hooks and tools that once belonged to my Great-Grandmother and my Grandfather, who were well known for their extraordinary crochet talent. 

I opened an Etsy shop for The Lillie Pad in 2011 as outlet to sell all of my crochet creations, which at the time was only a hobby. In 2012, at the height of the recession, I lost my job as a school teacher due to major budget cuts. I then decided that I would focus my efforts on starting a family and expand my Etsy shop.


Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Hat designed by Amanda Lillie of The Lillie Pad became a worldwide viral sensation in 2013In the Fall of 2012 I came up with a crochet baby wig that was inspired by the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls of yesteryear. I published the crochet pattern and began custom making hats for customers from my Etsy shop. In the Summer of 2013 my hats were featured in The Daily Mail, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Perez Hilton, and much more. My hats immediately went viral worldwide and my crochet hobby officially turned into a full-time business overnight. My hats were invited to be featured as part of the 35th Anniversary Party at Babyland General in 2013, the Cabbage Patch headquarters in Cleveland, Georgia. To date I have sold more than 15,000 crochet patterns and more than 7,000 crochet hats in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. The experience has launched me to the status of Etsy top seller.



Since starting The Lillie Pad, I have participated in a wide variety of craft 

shows. In 2012 a group of Etsy seller friends and I co-founded Handmades Sale, a curated craft show based in Atlanta. We started as an in-home trunk show and took our passion for high quality, handmade goods and have since expanded to two larger juried shows. I serve as the event Vendor Coordinator for our annual shows.

Handmades Sale is a curated craft show experience based in the Atlanta and North Georgia areas.

Through my experience with craft shows and Handmades Sale I have gained a lot of experience in craft show success. I have been invited to speak publically at handmade seller conferences, as well as to be a handmade seller expert in professional coaching groups online.

In 2017 I became the co-owner of The Market Gals handmade seller coaching services on Etsy. There I provide mentoring and coaching services to other handmade sellers and artisan entrepreneurs in the areas of craft shows and digital sales. I also provide those mentor services right here on TheLilliePad.com!


Successful crochet businesses require a dedicated team that is committed to fine craftsmanship.To keep up with demand for the Cabbage Patch crochet hats and my kitchen towel orders I work with some lovely and talented local ladies. Most have been with The Lillie Pad since we went viral in 2012. Dianne, Kathy, Janice, and Brenda all do fabulous work and are attentive to detail. I couldn’t have asked for a better support team! I also have other friends and family that come on board with us during the busy season to help manage communication and shipping. 


As an Etsy top-seller, a vendor coordinator for Handmades Sale, and a former educator I have a desire to share my knowledge and experiences with other makers and help them springboard their businesses to the next level. And as a crocheter and handmade artisan I love to share my passion and products with the world. It is my mission to bring delight to your life and a smile to your face as I share these things with you.

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