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Izzy Crochet Hat Template Product Review & Tutorial by The Lillie Pad


I'm so excited to share with you my latest greatest, crochet tool find! Introducing the Izzy Crochet Hat Templates by Isabelle Mounet, of Etsy shop Babay Fay!
The Izzy templates are a brand new set of crochet tools that cleverly enable you to make crochet hats in any size more efficiently than ever before using any yarn weight and any hook size--reducing your reliance on tape measures, gauge, and complex calculations. Hooray!!
I have had the opportunity to try these templates for the past month and have found them so useful when making hats in my shop. When I discovered the Izzy templates I hoped that they would solve one of the big issues I have when crocheting hats—taking the time to stop and measure my work with a cumbersome tape measure along the way to ensure proper hat size. Let me tell you. They more than exceeded my expectations!

[See my video slideshow tutorial for the Izzy Templates]

The templates are sold in Preemie/Baby and Child/Adult sets, or you can purchase the Full Set that covers all sizes Preemie through Adult sizes. I was astounded at the number of templates included in the Full Set. There are five templates for preemie-sized hats. Then there are another five templates covering baby and toddler sizes. And another six more templates that cover children and adult sizes.

They are made from a very strong and durable plastic that has a nice texture on the front for good grip and a smooth feel on the back. Each template's sizing number is punched into the plastic. And they come with a wire loop to keep them organized.
The templates are VERY EASY to use and come with a handy chart that helps you choose the right template for the hat size you wish to create.

        Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial       Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial   


Once you have selected the appropriate template size, you simply crochet a flat circular crown with increases (like any normal crochet hat) until the crown's shape and diameter matches the dome shape and diameter of the template.                      

    Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial             Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial

Then you work down the hat's sides as you normally would until the hat's length measures the length/height of the template. AND THAT'S IT! You're done! It's been such a time-saver in my shop.

Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial  Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial  Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial

I highly recommend these templates every crocheter of all skill levels who love to make hats--whether for fun or for profit.
And I love that you can purchase the set (small, large, or full) that best fits your crafting needs. (Although, I definitely recommend purchasing the full set and have every size you could ever need). They have become my favorite and most essential crochet gadget since owning them and I believe they should be a standard tool in every crocheter’s toolbox!
You can only find these templates at so head there right now and get yours today!

Izzy Crochet Template Tutorial
(Note: This post is only a product review conducted by The Lillie Pad of the Izzy Hat Templates. The Lillie Pad is not financially or business affiliated with the Izzy template owner and designer Babay Fay. If you have questions regarding purchasing the product you may contact the shop owner in her Etsy shop at the link above. But I am always happy to answer any questions about my review and experience using the templates--so feel free to contact me regarding my experience using them anytime!)

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